“Life is like a Piano.
What you get out of it depends on how you play it.”
Tom Leher.

My journey started when I was 18, there was an opportunity for me to learn the keyboard at the church that I was attending and I took it. It was quite a challenge for me because I didn’t have the necessary resources as a beginner. All that I had at the time was a good attitude towards learning this beautiful instrument.

I started with the keyboard as a means to help out in the church. But now I am taking it as far as life will permit me by researching and studying music.

I’ve trained a lot to become good at it. What I am able to do is the result of many disappointments, embarrassments, long hours of practice and the humility to learn from those ahead of me etc…

It was initially just to help out in my local church but today playing keyboard has become a big part of my daily life, playing keyboard is like any other normal thing I do everyday.

I love playing the keyboard because it’s how I express myself, what I can’t say with my mouth I say with my ten fingers on a keyboard.

Most of all, I play to give Glory to God who made it possible for me to learn the keyboard and to become good.

4 Replies to “Herve Yav (Keyboard Teacher)”

  1. Hey! y’all listen up – this dud got skills you need if you want to play the piano.
    Herve is a dedicated individual and has been playing the keyboard for more than eight years and has a result-driven tactic to help achieve your piano dreams.
    Am his #1 fun.

  2. Herve is a good teacher because of the following,
    1. He is patient, He makes sure that students understands.
    2. He has good communication skills which makes it easy to understand.
    3. He has good teaching, he does use one method but finds a method of teaching that is suitable for a student.
    4. Lastly, he is also Enthusiastic about teaching which makes him good teacher.

  3. He simplified learning keyboard for me. When I was starting my journey to learn this beautiful instrument he was my go to guy ans still is my go to guy. He helped and showed me ways on how to progress quicker on my learning. If you too wanna learn this man right here got your back. That one I can promise you.

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