“I started playing piano when I was 5 years old and violin when I was 6 years old.  When I was young I took group music lessons which sparked my love for music. My parents saw that I enjoyed music and that’s when the journey started.

I’ve done my music exams for piano, violin and theory through various establishments ( Trinity Guidhall, UNISA).  I still attend various music courses (like ORFF and colorstrings) to learn new ways of teaching music.

Why do I Iove my instrument? The piano is such a beautiful instrument, when you play it you can create music that no other solo instrument can create.  The piano which I started playing on and that I still play on today is one that I got from my grandmother, so it’s very sentimental to me.

The violin is known to be a tricky instrument but that makes it a good challenge.  I love my violin since it’s a social instrument, you can play in string quartets and orchestras which allows you to meet people that share the same love for music.”

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